Hand crafted soy candles made with natural ingredients and clean fragrances.

Bring self-love to your front door

Product Reviews

  • So beautiful

    These candles are made with love and care. I love this scent so much!! It’s definitely a new favorite. Also very pretty color and great quality jars. - Sylvia

  • Best candles ever!!!

    I’ve never been more obsessed with candles! The scents are so rich and wonderful. I love how there are affirmations for each one. Calm | Lavender really gives me the most welcoming feeling ever! - Nelly

  • Great candles

    Candles are fantastic. They look cool, smell great, and the quotes that are printed on the side are inspiring! Website was easy to use and delivery was fast. Thanks! - Dennis

Our Brand Values

  • Intentional

    We’re dedicated to bringing self-love into our customer
    lives through intentional messages on each candle.

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to bring positivity to the hands of our customers through high-quality, motivational, and natural products.

Our Story

Scented Affirmations started as a project to help avoid depression
during the pandemic. My goal was to provide people with hope through affirmations
while keeping myself motivated. When creating Scented Affirmations, there was a
lot of intention behind each scent and message.

Our biggest intention was to incorporate aromatherapy scents.
Most importantly, we wanted to ensure our candles were safe. We tested each candle to ensure we were providing the most natural product to support our intentions.

Foomell enter the picture about a month after we launched.
The idea was to bring a new selection of scents and messages for a different
target audience. Foomell is perfect for foodies. Each scent smells like a dessert.

Overall, our mission is simple. Our mission is to spread
self-love and positivity through natural products.